Cannabis Industry Council Member

Shaping the future

AltoVerde is an emerging multi-faceted cannabis company, integrating a network of joint ventures across Europe and the USA to ensure compliance, quality & consistency.

AltoVerde’s team has vast experience and expertise in cannabis varietals. We also have the potential for considerable intellectual property through a world-renowned genetics library of proprietary seed brands.

Between AltoVerde’s legacy founders and our industry allies we also have access to most cultivars from all over the world. We aim to be the unparalleled authority on cannabis knowledge.


At the helm of the business model is the AltoVerde Partnership Program, where we work with established businesses in Europe and the USA, providing both resources and expertise, to help them optimise their potential and produce the highest quality products with the utmost efficiency.

These “AltoVerde Assured” products will be in full compliance with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Our expertise in extraction and manufacturing processes enable us to optimise quality and ensure zero impurities.

We test each batch internally and again with a reputable third-party for total assurance of compliance and certification.

The resulting extracts then benefit from our extensive knowledge to be formulated into products that extend beyond flowers into consumables.