Alto Verde Press Release 22.04.2021

AltoVerde and Maple Tree are delighted to announce a new partnership

Maple Tree Consultants, the medical cannabis experts, are supporting AltoVerde, the UK headquartered cannabis company, in achieving its ambitions, with the provision of medicinal cannabis advice and consultancy.

London, 22 April 2021

AltoVerde’s mission is to de-stigmatise and promote the acceptance and use of cannabis products amongst the medical community as well as the population at large. With strong connections in the medicinal cannabis world, the company intends to compete in the supply of unlicensed cannabis-based products for medicinal use in humans (CBPMs) to private cannabis clinics. To this end, the company’s dedicated horticultural team are planning European-based extraction facilities, laboratories and grow operations. Scientific research, including clinical trials, are also in the pipeline.

Maple Tree’s medical cannabis expert and neurologist, Professor Mike Barnes, the first doctor in the UK to prescribe cannabis, is keen to help serious responsible cannabis start-ups in the UK such as AltoVerde. He believes that this will help to bring down the costs of prescribing cannabis, plus he is convinced that AltoVerde will be more flexible than the ‘big-cannabis’ corporations with bland products, by being able to produce different products to suit different patients, from treating minor conditions to serious chronic illness.

He explained:

“I have been very impressed by all the people I have met at AltoVerde. They have put together a team that sets them apart, with unbeatable individual experience as trailblazers in cannabis genetics, cultivation, extraction as well as in clinical research. I am confident that they will achieve great things in advancing role of medical cannabis in the field of medicine.”

According to Marijuana Business Daily’s report, Medical Cannabis in Europe: The Markets & Opportunities 1 the legal medicinal cannabis market in Europe was worth roughly 240 million euros ($260 million) in 2019; meaning the continent is still far from reaching its potential and may one day eclipse North America.

Important Information

The rescheduling of cannabis under the Misuse of Drugs legislation enables unlicensed cannabis-based products for medical use (CBPM) in humans to be available under the provisions for “Specials” under Regulation 167 of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012. The supply, manufacture, importation, and distribution of unlicensed CBPMs in the UK is in accordance with MHRA for medical cannabis 20202.

About AltoVerde

Founded in 2020, AltoVerde Holdings Ltd is an emerging multifaceted cannabis company, integrating a network of partners and subsidiaries across Europe, and committed to the research, cultivation and distribution of a range of high-quality cannabis products based on novel extraction techniques, and an extensive genetics library. The company’s founders have long standing / well established reputations and relationships in the cannabis industry.

Contact details

Lindsey Cunningham
Head of Branding and Communications
[email protected]
+44 207 867 3917


1. Medical Cannabis in Europe: The Markets & Opportunities (2nd Edition) published by Marijuana Business Daily International, 2020

2. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, (2020). The supply, manufacture, importation and distribution of unlicensed cannabis-based products for medicinal use in humans ‘specials’. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 8 April 2021).