Frequently Asked Questions



We’ve analysed past failures in the cannabis industry, identifying key issues like mismanagement and inefficiency. AVH’s approach is business-first, focusing on operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Our focus on consistent quality, sustainability and innovation sets us apart. We’re not just growing cannabis; our group will craft experiences and products that meet the highest standards, supported by our commitment to research and development.

We’re closely monitoring evolving regulations in our target markets, ensuring compliance and agility in our operations. Our team includes experts in legal and regulatory affairs to navigate this landscape effectively.

While we cannot provide physical samples due to regulatory constraints, our team’s expertise spans cultivation, clinical research, and distribution. We’re focusing on establishing quality operations that will serve as our proof of concept.


We prioritise realistic, sustainable growth over quick returns. Our targets are aligned with detailed market analysis and competitor performance, ensuring we offer a credible, achievable investment opportunity.

Through a combination of market expansion, product diversification, and strategic partnerships. Our business model is designed for scalability, allowing us to adapt and grow in alignment with market opportunities and consumer trends without compromising consistent quality.

AVH’s model ensures immediate profitability through fees and interest from loans to our subsidiaries. On a consolidated level, we project near break-even by Year 4 and profitability by Year 5. This timeline considers some operations beginning in Year 3, allowing for accelerated profitability in certain areas.

We actually have aimed to keep our build up costs lower than industry standards. AVH is strategically utilising existing assets in Europe and the USA. Our operations are designed to scale up efficiently, leveraging current assets where possible. For new ventures, such as our potential flagship operation in Massachusetts, we’re investing in foundational assets that promise significant market penetration and growth.

 It’s not just about the background of the leadership but how effectively they navigate the cannabis industry’s unique challenges. Even firms with heavyweight investments from sectors like CPG or banking have struggled. Success in this industry requires more than just business acumen; it demands a deep understanding of the cannabis market, regulatory compliance, and consumer needs.

Our model requires significant, yet justifiable initial investment to truly impact the market. Concentrating on one project or continent limits our growth potential. Europe and the USA each offer unique opportunities, and we’re prepared to tackle both simultaneously.

We would firstly like to thank you for your interest. We want to make sure that this emerging market is made available to everyone and not just large corporations. Please see our investors page for more information. Alternatively, you can contact us here or email [email protected] for further information.


If your interest is to take part in our planned UK cannabis clinical trial, please contact us via our website or email [email protected].

If your need is urgent, we can refer you to relevant specialists who may be able to help.

We can not disclose this information at the moment.